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5 Heels That WWE Fans Turned Face

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Fans simply refused to boo the WWE Champion at the time

Despite being a villain/heel in WWE, fans aren't always willing to hate certain superstars. While heel turns may work in the beginning, over time as they get more entertaining, fans begin to cheer them.

This has happened time and again. In some cases, WWE makes sure to organically build towards a face turn. When such instances happen, it usually makes for a great payoff, making fans wait to get what they want.

In some unfortunate situations, however, WWE seemingly doesn't want to listen to fans who outright refuse to boo heels. Either way, even if it's not planned, WWE usually have to change things up when fans refuse to boo a certain heel. It makes for an interesting shake-up in things and we give you five instances of organic face turns that happened thanks to the fans.

#5 Rusev

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Rusev Day got far bigger than anticipated

When Rusev introduced the concept of "Rusev Day" with Aiden English, it was simply meant as a one-off for a segment. However, in no time, fans caught on with Rusev Day and began to chant "Rusev Day" as loud as they could, showing support for The Bulgarian Brute.

The Rusev Day concept led to a huge surge in popularity for Rusev, who despite constantly showing villainous traits was always cheered by the fans. This resulted in him becoming one of the most popular stars on SmackDown Live and fans got increasingly frustrated that WWE didn't turn him face.

It seemed to be WWE being adamant to get fans to hate Rusev, but that simply didn't happen. After seven or eight months, Rusev finally began showing traits of a babyface and he, Aiden English and Lana slowly turned face in the process when feuding with Andrade 'Cien' Almas and Zelina Vega.

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