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5 Hottest Divas Who Never Made it to WWE

Sometimes, you don't have to be in a WWE for people to know how beautiful you are

Some of the most beautiful divas in wrestling have never been in WWE (photo credits:TNAwrestling.com)

My friend Heather Webber is a professional wrestler. The 6-foot blond amazon is a beauty, possessing a great understanding of the business, how to work a crowd and most importantly, how to sell her matches. The 25-year-old from here in north Florida is working the independent circuit with an eye on her future at WWE.

Webber isn’t alone in wanting a shot at the big time, but like so many of contemporaries, timing and the right break are essential to getting a foot in the door.

There are some women in this business who never see a WWE ring, but have carved out their own niche in this business and have a following who know about them and cheer them on in small packed houses, whether it be hotel ballrooms or school gymnasiums.

And like Webber, these women got their start from humble beginnings. Now, they are universally known, some having retired from the business and some are moving at a fast pace, potentially with gold on their mind and new roads to travel.

Here is a look at five divas who are beautiful, successful but have never appeared in a WWE ring.

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