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5 Huge Mistakes WWE Made in The Month Of May

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Finn Balor, WWE
What mistakes did WWE make in the month of May?

The month of May might finally be in the rear view mirror, but that doesn't mean the WWE Universe hasn't forgotten all the mistakes the company made in that 31 day period. While the company did also have some great moments during that time as well, those instances were far outnumbered by the disastrous mistakes the company kept making.

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With that being said and the hope of a better future for WWE in mind, here are five of the biggest mistakes the company made in the month of May. Keep in mind that some of these will be more obvious than others and are largely based on opinion, but these five moments had the WWE Universe in an uproar after they happened.

#5 Turning Nia Jax heel

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Should WWE have turned Nia Jax heel so quickly?

It is no secret that WWE is excited to see Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax face off for the right to walk out of Money in The Bank as Women's champion, but WWE's sloppy execution and trouble maintaining continuity has leveled that excitement considerably. In fact, many were bewildered during Nia Jax's exhibition match on Raw that seemed to openly taunt Rousey.

Not only were Jax's constant taunts to Rousey during the one-sided exhibition match a complete departure from the body positive anti bullying advocate WWE has tried to make her out to be, it also featured several plot holes that will be hard to overcome. Unfortunately for WWE, one of those plot holes has to do with Rousey's signature arm bar submission.

Although Jax has stated multiple times that the arm bar seems to have no effect on her at all and is easy for her to break out of, one only has to look back at her matches with Asuka and several other superstars to know that's not the case. Even worse, however, is the fact that Jax has tapped out multiple times to arm bar submissions, which means the storyline has no basis in reality.

In the end, it seems WWE is giving up on Jax and slowly trying to put her back into a heel role, but that doesn't make much sense considering how well she was doing as a babyface the last month or so. Sure, character change and progression is important, but to switch babyface and then back to heel in a matter of months is really hard to follow.

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