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5 huge things that could happen after Wrestlemania 35 

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What could go down after Wrestlemania?
What could go down after Wrestlemania?

Wrestlemania is the biggest event in WWE's calendar year, as this is the day that WWE profit from all of their hard work being put into the show, while many would disagree with that statement, one can't deny the amount of planning, preparation and excellent implementation that goes into this pay-per-view.

While fans judge this show by the booking, there are other aspects of the events one can admire, as WWE never falls short on their production value when it comes to the biggest show in wrestling, and that is something we have seen in the past.

Wrestlemania isn't just the biggest event in wrestling; it is a conclusion to the narratives that take place in that specific calendar year, as the next night on Raw we see WWE hit the reset button on many of their programmes. After Wrestlemania 35 expect WWE to create new storylines, shuffle rosters, and do so much more tweaking to their shows. So let us go through all of the possibilities of what could go down after Wrestlemania 35.

#1 Shocking Heel Turns

Nothing like a heel turn to set the tone of the new year.
Nothing like a heel turn to set the tone of the new year.

The night after Wrestlemania isn't complete without a well-planned heel turn, while this an occurrence that rarely happens, when it does it gives fans something to look forward to. This year there are many superstars that could potentially flip the coin on their character, as WWE has set up multiple wrestlers motivations in line with that of a potential heel.

From Big E possibly turning on his New Day brother Kofi Kingston or possibly Seth Rollins teasing a shift in his character that we saw a hint of on Raw last week, we could be in line for some truly shocking heel turns.

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