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5 huge WWE rumours that were proved false

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The latest one is that Hulk Hogan is going to buy TNA with the money he won in the Gawker trial

The WWE is a multibillion-dollar company and a sports entertainment giant. With so many colourful personalities around, it is not impossible to fathom that people would start baseless rumours of some kind about the employees of the company.

There have been numerous rumours about the WWE that have proved to be baseless – including alleged deaths of Vince McMahon and John Cena.

This list takes a look at the top five false rumours about WWE superstars

1.There were two Ultimate Warriors

The only Ultimate Warrior

This is a rumour that started nearly three decades ago and there are still people who believe that two people portrayed the Ultimate Warrior character.

Jim Hellwig debuted his Warrior character in WCCW as the Dingo Warrior with short hair, but when he came to the WWE in ’91, he had shiny bleach bond hair.

Also, when he returned to the WWE in ’92, he was considerably slimmer, leading to speculation that someone else was playing the character. There was even a rumour that Kerry Von Erich had played the character, but in reality, there had only been one Warrior – Jim Hellwig

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