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5 ideas for future WWE 24 episodes

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WWE 24 is one of the best shows on the Network
WWE 24 is one of the best shows on the Network

WWE 24 is unquestionably one of the best original series on the entire WWE Network, and you won’t find many fans who will dispute that. The episodes, which last between 30 and 60 minutes, take us through a range of emotions as we get an inside look into the business that we all know and love.

It’s fitting, really, given that all the WWE Universe have ever wanted is a peek behind the curtain from time to time. Whether it be seeing the superstars out of character or seeing how things are pieced together at the showcase of the immortals, 24 is extremely easy to sit down and watch as a way to pass the time.

However, we still think there’s room for growth – and because of that, we’ve decided to run through a list of potential topics which we believe could make the legacy of this show even greater.

With that being said, here are five ideas for future WWE 24 episodes.

#5 WWE 24: Unsung Heroes

The production crew need to be recognised
The production crew need to be recognized

One thing that most fans can agree on when it comes to WWE is that their production value is far and away better than any other wrestling promotion of the face of this earth – other than perhaps Lucha Underground. For years now they’ve been able to make superstars both young and old look incredible, and they deserve some recognition for that.

We’d love to see the video editors, production crew, and general backstage personnel being given a spotlight in the form of a WWE 24 episode. We could see some exclusive interviews, find out how things work on a week to week basis, and generally take a look inside the minds of these low-key wrestling geniuses.

In a nutshell, we want to give these people the respect they’ve earned.

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