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5 Independent wrestlers that died recently due to injuries suffered in the ring

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While the Perro Aguayo Jr disaster received a LOT of media attention, there were a number of other recent deaths that flew under the radar
While the Perro Aguayo Jr disaster received a LOT of media attention, there were a number of other recent deaths that flew under the radar

As a pro wrestler, entertaining the fans is of paramount importance.

And people that pay their hard earned money to come see a show want to watch the kind of entertainment that makes it worth their while.

But sometimes, the pressure to deliver can end up biting a performer in the backside.

It isn't that bad in the WWE, where the relatively 'safe' working environment and strict medical testing implemented by the company often ensures that the performers are in peak physical and mental condition before they're entrusted to perform in front of the fans.

But in the independent circuits, where the regulations and medical care can be a little lax, the performer often puts a lot more on the line.

Add to that, the marginally more dangerous and cavalier approach that Indie wrestling adopts as compared to WWE's safer working style, and you have a perfect mix for a disaster waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, these wrestlers found that out first hand, much to the dismay of their loved ones and the fans.

On that note, here are 5 independents wrestlers that paid the ultimate price due to injuries suffered while they were in the ring.

#1 William Ogletree

William Ogletree
William Ogletree

'Don't try this at home'

Pretty sure everyone one of you remembers the WWE flashing this before airing their programs on the television.

But for those who do not heed the warning and are tempted to test the waters for themselves, the results can be disastrous, as William Ogletree found out in August this year.

Ogletree, 25 then, was working in an unsanctioned event put together by Balthazar's Ladies of Wrestling (B.L.O.W) at Oklahoma's Blue Note Lounge, when he was severely injured while taking a Spinebuster gone wrong.

Yes, the very same move that hardly earns Triple H more than a 2 count because it's considered too 'weak' to be a finisher...

He was then admitted to the hospital, where he remained in critical condition until he was pronounced brain dead after two days.

It's a deep shame how a man in the prime of his life, who was also a stand-up comic and a musician, was robbed of everything in a matter of seconds.

For all you 'pro wrestling is fake' truthers out there...if this doesn't change your mind about the very real dangers that performers encounter while working a match, nothing will.

Here is the link to the Go Fund Me page to help William Ogletree's family out in their moment of need.

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