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5 insane gimmick matches that we will never see in the WWE

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A common sight in Deathmatches
A common sight in Deathmatches...

PG era or not, the WWE generally adopts an approach that keeps its product within the realms of sports entertainment.

A lot of these other pro wrestling promotions around the world, however, don't subscribe to the same ethos.

Some of them enable the wrestlers in their employ to take insane health risks in pulling off death-defying spots while others even promote brutally violent matches with insane stipulations.

It's during these moments that the line between sports entertainment and sado-masochism is well and truly crossed. And for those who've been exposed to the more conventional and social accepted form of scripted contest that the WWE promotes, it can all be quite extreme and distasteful.

But such is the bizzaro world of pro wrestling. And despite its many flaws and shortcomings, we can at least be thankful that the WWE doesn't resort to promoting senseless content like this.

On that note, here is a list of 5 absolute insane gimmick matches that we will - thankfully - never see in the WWE.

Taipei Deathmatch

Although the name suggests mysterious origins from the Far East, the Taipei Deathmatch was an idea that gained traction in quarters much closer to home.

And despite being inspired by the Japanese version - called the Ancient Way Deathmatch - it shot to global infamy only in ECW when the crazy Axl Rotten embraced the idea.


It involved taping one's hands, coating them with superglue and attaching broken glass pieces to them, practically ensuring that blood is drawn with every punch that lands.

And in case you weren't aware, former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose once wrestled a similar match known Drunken Taipei Deathmatch in his Indy days...which was like the normal one except that both the wrestlers had to down shots at regular intervals during the match.

You know, just because dipping your hands into a jagged glass and applying them onto your opponent's face wasn't weird enough.

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