5 inspired outfits from WWE Royal Rumble 2020

2020 Royal Rumble Logo
2020 Royal Rumble Logo
Stephen Moree

#3. Rey Mysterio as Batman

Rey Mysterio Connects With A 619 On Brock Lesnar
Rey Mysterio Connects With A 619 On Brock Lesnar

Rey Mysterio is known for his incredible outfits over the years, even dating back to his WCW days. As of late however, he has been big on the Batman Universe it seems as he not so long ago wore a Joker inspired mask and singlet. It's interesting to note he wore that attire against Brock Lesnar and only faced off against Lesnar again in this Rumble.

This year in the Royal Rumbl,e he went back to his heroic roots however and rocked a Batman-inspired attire. Take a look at the black gear, but mainly his mask, as it looks very much like it was inspired by the caped crusader.

Mysterio had one of the best moments last night with The New Day as they took on Lesnar. All three men were looking to get revenge on The Beast for things that happened at the end of 2019. The crowd was behind them and were cheering them on to eliminat the champion. However, they would fall short as Lesnar would eliminate all three men.

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