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5 instances when wrestlers went off script in the ring during a match

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Yes, pro wrestling is scripted. In this day and age of the internet, almost every adult who watches the sport knows what kayfabe is and how exactly the business of pro wrestling works.

Wrestlers are informed in advance who the winner of the bout will be and most of the big moves in the match are decided and practised beforehand. The rest of the match goes about with wrestlers calling each move before performing it.

However, there have been instances when the wrestlers have gone off the predetermined script, sometimes sneaking in a banned move, or sometimes even changing the tone of the entire match. After all, they are performing before a live audience. Who can stop them really?

For the purposes of this list, we shall not consider shoot promos, but only off-script moments inside the WWE ring. Let's have a look at five such instances.

#5 Brock Lesnar throws a punch

Is there legitimate heat between Brock and Braun?
These two men had a brutal showing at Royal Rumble 2018

Starting off with the most recent instance, Braun Strowman was at the receiving end of a brutal punch by the 'Beast Incarnate' at the Royal Rumble 2018, during their triple threat bout for the Universal Championship.

During a scuffle in the middle of their match, in what looked to be an accident, Braun Strowman seemed to knee Lesner square in the temple pretty hard. Not one to take things laying down, Lesnar reacted by throwing a stiff, MMA-style punch to the side of the head to Strowman, shouting at him to "Slow the f--- down". This was no accident, as is pretty evident in the video clip of the incident.

The punch threw the big man off his game for a few moments, though he recovered pretty quickly.

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