5 interesting facts about Sin Cara

Shubham Roy
Modified 10 Dec 2019
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#4 Sin Cara wrestled in other North American promotions before joining WWE

Jorge Arias
Jorge Arias' Sin Cara

WWE was not the first North American promotion that Jorge Arias performed for. After cutting his teeth as a wrestler in various Mexican professional wrestling promotions such as CMLL and Lucha Libre AAA, Arias ventured into the USA in 2006 when he made his debut for TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling where he took part in the promotion's World X Cup tournament as a member of Team Mexico under the name of Incognito.

After that, Arias went to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) where he competed in a tournament to crown new NWA World Tag Team Champions. He and his partner Sicodelico Jr. were however eliminated from the tournament by the team of current Impact Wrestling star Joey Ryan and current WWE Superstar and O.C. member Karl Anderson.

#3 Jorge Arias was the original Mistico


Just as Luis Urive was the original Sin Cara, ironically enough Arias was the first person to portray Mistico. But, when CMLL won the rights to the Mistico name in a lawsuit, Arias was forced to legally change the spelling from Mistico to Mystico. During that time, Luis Urive worked under the name of Mistico in CMLL.

This was the basis of the feud between the two Sin Caras as we mentioned in the previous slide. Arias' Sin Cara Negro claimed that he would take away the character Sin Cara from Urive just like Urive took away his Mistico character from him six years ago.

In an interesting turn of events, Arias did don the character of Sin Cara after Urive was let go from WWE in 2014.

Published 10 Dec 2019
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