5 jaw dropping in-ring moments in the WWE courtesy of Cesaro

The Swiss Superman – a lost phenomenon?

Cesaro, or Antonio Cesaro as he was initially billed in WWE programming is a wrestler whose career continually seems destined for greatness without ever actually reaching out for Vince McMahon’s proverbial brass ring.

The Swiss Superman, so dubbed due to his brutish raw strength, has impressed one and all with his in-ring exploits over the last 3 years in the WWE. There was an opportune moment during Cesaro’s career when the WWE could have arguably let him turn babyface, on the back of his exit from The Real Americans, but they ended up dropping the ball in a glorified U-turn that involved Paul Heyman. Only, being a Paul Heyman guy did not supply the thrust that it was intended to in his career, amidst rumours that the “push” that was intended for Cesaro ended up being given to Roman Reigns. 

However, all is not lost and the tremendous in-ring worker that is Tyson Kidd provides perfect foil for Cesaro and their tag team is one of the highlights on Raw and Smackdown every week. While the Swiss Superman can now steadily rebuild momentum to fuel his main event aspirations, let us take a look back at 5 jaw-dropping moments in the WWE courtesy of Cesaro.

Cesaro eliminates Big Show

This moment, in Wrestlemania 30, was arguably THE moment of Cesaro’s WWE career so far. Earlier during the pre-show, Cesaro had broken off from The Real Americans, and even put Jack Swagger in the Cesaro Swing. For all intents and purposes, it seemed like the WWE were turning Cesaro babyface and the audience lapped it up.

Anyway, it’s ridiculous how light Cesaro makes Big Show look in this one. He doesn’t scrum with Big Show and push his considerable mass over the ropes; he cleanly lifts him and drops him on the outside to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. In more senses than one, this was Cesaro’s version of Hogan slamming Andre and it certainly shone through to the audience. The WWE gave every impression at this point in time that Cesaro was going to go on to bigger and better things. 

We’re still waiting.

Uppercut Barrage to Daniel Bryan

It was an episode of Raw in July 2013, and Cesaro was still very much part of The Real Americans, when he faced off against Daniel Bryan in a one on one match up. In what was easily one of the matches of the year, the duo went at it tooth and nail with Bryan, the babyface, pulling off the victory eventually.

That did not take away from the quality of the match though as both men managed to showcase quality offense. In the customary centre-of-the-ring tee-off, at 11.00 minutes, both of them use the uppercut as their weapon of choice – cue Cesaro.

Cesaro snaps and unleashes a barrage of 19 European uppercuts in a row followed by a lariat that flips Daniel Bryan 360 degrees through the air. Clearly Bryan slumps to the mat twice during this onslaught but Cesaro persists and pulls him up twice so that he could continue. Ouch. Certainly a jaw-dropping moment. (pun intended)

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