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5 Jobbers that went on to become WWE Champion

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They started out as jobbers but went on to be WWE champions
They started out as jobbers but went on to be WWE champions

In professional wrestling, jobbers or enhancement talents are smaller wrestlers who are hired to lose against top superstars to make the top superstars look stronger. Jobbers have to sell all the top wrestlers moves, while the top wrestler can choose to no-sell the jobber's moves. They perform for one night only and get paid to lose. Many WWE superstars started out as jobbers, some in the WWE and some in other wrestling promotions around the world.

Some superstars in WWE have been jobbers their whole career and never got a chance to lift any gold. Some indie wrestlers hired themselves as jobbers to WWE for more money and to fulfill their dreams by performing in the biggest wrestling company in the whole world.

Jobbers are smaller in size than the wrestler they're jobbing to. They don't perform most of their moves either, because they're too busy receiving their opponent's moves. Many great WWE veterans have had jobbers lose to them and at the end of the day its just business as usual.

Not many jobbers ever expected to win the biggest prize in this industry. For some, it was just a dream and for others, it was a dream come true. These 5 WWE superstars started out as jobbers, either in or out of WWE and then went on to become WWE Champion. They must have done something right, or their characters spoke for themselves.

Here are 5 wrestlers that started out as jobbers and then went on to win the WWE Championship.

#5 Triple H

The Game wasn't always that damn good
The Game wasn't always that damn good

Triple H is a 14 time WWE Champion and has been in the WWE for over two decades. He has headlined WrestleMania multiple times and plays WWE's COO on TV. He is married to Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie and was a key component of the Attitude Era.

Things didn't start off this good for The Game when he started out as a jobber in WCW under the ring name Terra Ryzing in early 1994, and later Jean-Paul Levesque in mid-1994. He teamed up with Lord Steven Regal who's snobby British persona was similar to his.

They lost most of their matches and they didn't even get along until Triple H left WCW after his request to be pushed as a singles competitor was turned down. In WWF he debuted as the Connecticut Blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Things changed for him when he joined the Kliq and DX. He deafeted Mankind on Raw in 1999 to capture his first WWE Championship and in 2016 he became a 14 time world champion by winning the Royal Rumble. Today he puts young superstars over and founded NXT.

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