5 jobbers who don't get the respect they deserve

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Harry Kettle
Modified 20 Apr 2017
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Being a jobber within the world of professional wrestling is something of an art form. You need to be capable of great things both in the ring and on the microphone, with your sole purpose within the industry being to get other guys over. Obviously, wrestlers don't go into this line of work aspiring to be a jobber, but sometimes companies like WWE have other plans for them.

Whether it's down to a lack of creative vision, a backstage altercation or something else, the majority of WWE superstars have known what it feels like to be at the bottom of the pile when it comes to your credibility as a character. Some superstars push on from this position and go on to become main eventers, however, more often than not becoming a jobber isn't the best sign of things to come.

This is why we feel so sorry for the gentlemen on this list. At one point or another, all five of these men have had the potential to do great things in the WWE, but right now they aren't receiving anywhere close to the level of respect that we feel they have earned. You can blame that on a lot of contributing factors, but that's not the aim of this piece here today.

So with that being said, here are five jobbers who don't get the respect they deserve.

#1 Aiden English

Good old Aiden

For the longest time now, Aiden English has been a solid performer both in NXT and on SmackDown Live, yet nobody seems to notice him as much as they should. Whether it was as a singer or as one-half of The Vaudevillains, English has always been pushed to the back of the line when it comes to being featured - aside from his brief stint as one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions, of course.

A lot of that could be put down to the fact that Simon Gotch has reportedly rubbed some people the wrong way since arriving on the main roster, meaning that English has also been punished alongside him. Now that Gotch has been released, hopefully, Aiden can thrive in the SD Live mid card as he appears to be reverting to the singer gimmick. Hooray for everyone!

Face. The. Facts.

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Published 19 Apr 2017
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