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5 Super Show-Down Rumors The WWE Universe Needs To Know About

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03 Oct 2018, 21:31 IST

WWE Super Showdown, WWE,
What can The WWE Universe expect at Super Showdown?

WWE is days away from its second overseas pay per view of the year and while The WWE Universe seems to be excited about the pay per view down under, one still has to wonder what exactly is going to take place when WWE goes live from Australia. In fact, one also has to wonder what WWE is willing to do on a show like this.

Of course, WWE's pay per view is going to face quite a few challenges, including being overseas, being a weird start time and not having the kind of card that screams big pay per view, but they can more than make up for that by doing the most with what they have. The question, however, is whether they can do that or not.

With that being said and Super Show-Down offering a little bit of something for everyone on Saturday, here are five last-minute rumours The WWE Universe needs to know about the first time pay per view. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to let us know what match you are looking forward to the most on Saturday morning.

#5 Rey Mysterio return

Rey Mysterio,
Will Rey Mysterio be returning at Super Showdown?

The WWE Universe has been anticipating Rey Mysterio's return for a while now, but it appears they are going to have to wait a little bit longer. According to The Wrestlevotes twitter account, while there was reportedly some talk of bringing him back for the super showdown, it is believed WWE will hold off on the return until Smackdown Live 1000

Unfortunately for fans, that means WWE is holding off on Mysterio's return until October 16th, which would make sense given the fact that Mysterio first became a big star on Smackdown. Furthermore, that's where he won his first World Heavyweight title and is thus a special place for the master of The 619.

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