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5 Super Show-Down Rumors The WWE Universe Needs To Know About

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03 Oct 2018, 21:31 IST

#4 Undertaker vs Triple H

Shawn Michaels, WWE,
What will be the driving force that brings Shawn Michaels out of retirement?

It appears to be a setup.

While WWE is billing Undertaker versus Triple H as a last time ever extravaganza, it appears that the company have some very interesting plans for the match. In fact, from some of the rumours that are circulating on the internet, it almost feels like The Undertaker is about to take a huge loss to Triple H in Australia

According to, "Michaels will be in Triple H's corner for the match with The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down in Australia on October 6. Kane will be in Taker's corner and it's believed that this will set up Michaels and Triple H vs. The Brothers of Destruction for WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 2."

Doesn't that sound like Undertaker will be taking the loss in this match? Why else would Shawn Michaels come out of retirement for one more match? Maybe WWE could do it by having Undertaker trying ot hurt Triple H, but even that would be a far-fetched way for Michaels to come out of retirement.

In the end, the only real thing that's going to bring Michaels out of retirement is him costing The Undertaker a match and that seems to be exactly what is going to go down in Australia. Of course, WWE might surprise fans with a few other options and work out the storyline in a way that was never expected, but this is probably their best case scenario.

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