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5 least-scary 'scary' wrestlers

Thomas Lowson
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Wrestling and fear go hand-in-hand. After all, the whole premise of the show is based around men and women using their strength and dominance to hurt their opponents in the pursuit of championship gold.

From undead monsters such as The Undertaker to deranged psychotics such as Mankind, there have been plenty of scary wrestlers in wrestling.

Most recently, we have seen teams of monsters, such as the evil, corrupting Wyatt Family, and the superstars of SmackDown Live having to deal with the twisted SANITY.

Even baby faces Finn Balor is no stranger to the dark side, channelling his inner Demon King when it is needed.

But some stars, try as they might, just failed to terrify the fans. And with this being the month of Halloween, here are the 5 least scary, 'scary' wrestlers.

#5 Seven

It's hard to tell if this can even count. For months, promos featured on WCW TV, featuring Seven, a creepy white-faced demon, beckoning to a young child.

Played by Dustin Rhodes, the character was a far cry from the equally bizarre Goldust, who the son of the American Dream played in the WWF.

However, in his first appearance in person, Rhodes completely dropped the gimmick cut a shoot promo in his own voice, saying the character was truly bad.


Instead, Rhodes opted to just be himself in WCW but would return to the WWF as Goldust in 2002.

It only made one appearance at a live event, but Seven has lived in infamy for how quickly it was dropped.

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