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5 Legit Opponents for Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman has looked unstoppable against mediocre talent

When will WWE finally start to push Braun Strowman as a force to be reckoned with on Monday Night Raw? Since the brand split Strowman, who was part of the Wyatt Family, was left to his own devices. The red team has since built him up as a brute who ran through competition.

The only issue with that thought process is the wrestlers who got in the ring with Strowman were jobbers and the matches lasted less than a bathroom break.

Big men in this company are nothing new. Neither are squash matches. But at some point, there must be an answer to the question we all want to know – who steps up and challenges the big man and makes an impact, either beating him or to help him get over as a true threat in the business?

Strowman’s look and size would fit well into any era of this business, and would have been a huge success in a 1970s WWWF as well. Even in the Northwest in Don Owens’ NWA promotion in Portland, he would have certainly found stardom.

In the days of wrestling territories, he would have excelled as the top heel, taking on the babyface who travelled from city to city, challenging the best each promotion had to offer. Today’s WWE is nothing like that, with only a handful of superstars having a chance to knock off such an imposing figure.

Realistically, this is not Eddie Guerrero beating Brock Lesnar or Rey Mysterio knocking off JBL. In order to get the big man over and onto the next phase of his career, he must finally take a huge step forward and face the best the company has to offer.

These five opponents could legitimately give the big guy a run for his money.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar could be the only one who can stop the big brute

This has been rumoured for months. It was even thought to be planned this year. Luckily it did not happen. Lesnar is the beast most likely to give Strowman a fair match. The fact Lesnar is as much a bully plays well into the hands of WWE booking, where this could be a slugfest.

How does Strowman handle still being so green in a ring with a guy who is as tough as they come? How does Lesnar handle being the guy who might have to career the neophyte? And where would Paul Heyman figure into all of this? Many questions to be answered.

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