5 lesser known facts about Kevin Owens

As the WWE Universal champion, it appears Owens has only added to his career achievements
Marc Madison

WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens isn't new to the world of wrestling. On the road to earning the notoriety and credibility that he has today, Owens has seen his share of challenges professionally.

However, he didn't allow those challenges to dictate his career path. In fact, these challenges only helped strengthen Owens’ resolve. He didn't rest idly but continued to strive to create the best possible life for himself and his family.

One of the biggest challenges Owens has faced is maintaining an effective heel persona that discourages the cheers of the fans.

He will not shy away from putting his critics in their place, and anyone that follows him on social media has witnessed first hand just how much fun he can have at the expense of the people who tweet to him.

As a sixteen-year veteran of the ring, Owens has never been one to back down from his challengers. He has crossed paths with some of the biggest and best in the world of wrestling.

While on the independent scene, Owens used a vast and notable repertoire of moves, some of which are rarely seen today. That doesn't mean he isn't capable of still using them, it's simply that he only uses them on special occasions.

Here are five other interesting facts that you probably didn't know, about Kevin Owens.

#5 He beat up a drunk and heckling fan

After watching that video, it is clear to see it takes a bit of provocation on the fan's part for Owens to push him.

Any up and coming talent on the independent circuit is faced with having to generate heat if they are a heel. It's the heel's job to get the fans riled up, and to get them cheering for him to get a thorough thrashing.

People need to remember that while it is fine to heckle, there are times when things cross the line. Although heckling is the right of any fan, that doesn't mean that they are in the right to cross the barrier and actually take the wrestler up on their challenge.

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Once they come into the ring, they are putting themselves at risk. What is even more astonishing about this particular moment was that Owens actually beat up the friend of the fan, while the actual heckler stood at ringside.

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