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5 lesser known WWE Superstars that you need to know about

Several of today's stars have made a name of themselves while working their way up the WWE ranks, yet remain unknown.

As one of the best on the roster, Oney Lorcan has flow under the radar.

Several of today's stars have made a name of themselves while working their way up the WWE ranks. Typically that has meant competing on the independent scene and then joining NXT.

By the time they are brought to either the Raw or Smackdown roster, these men and women have earned their opportunity to be a part of WWE. Some talent, however, haven't been prominently featured by the company.

These men and women are a part of the promotion, but aren't seen or heard about as much. It isn't because they aren't very good, or that their role isn't as significant, it's simply because they haven't had the chance to show their worth for a prolonged period of time.

There is no doubt that a number of these men and women will become a focal point for NXT, Raw or Smackdown Live, but unfortunately that isn't the case now. If there is one commonality amongst all five of these men and women, it's that they have blazed a trail for themselves on the independent scene.

Who exactly made our list and why do fans need to know about them? The short answer is that they are incredibly talented and need to be highlighted for fans, ones they need to become more familiar with, as 2017 has arrived.

Here are five lesser known WWE stars that you need to know about.

#5 Dori Prange (Heidi Lovelace)

Lovelace is sure to turn heads as part of NXT’s women’s division

While on the independent scene, Prange was one of the premier female wrestlers around, competing under the name Heidi Lovelace. Her early training came while she was a part of the Shine promotion.

During her time on the circuit, she has competed predominately for Shine and Shimmer, two women's wrestling focused companies that are among the biggest in North America. A few years ago, she tried out for Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she faced current Women of Honor wrestler Taeler Hendrix.

Like fellow NXT Signee Kimber Lee, Lovelace has competed all over North America. 

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Throughout her career, Prange has earned accolades and championships, whether it was capturing the Young Lions Cup XI cup in Chikara, the Ohio Valley Women's Championship, or being ranked number 20 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top fifty females of 2016.

Her acclaim and achievements are supported by her contemporary ring style, which includes finishing moves such as the Shining Wizard, a tornado DDT into a snap suplex, and her Heidi-Can-Rana, which is a Hurricanrana driver.

Current WWE superstar Bayley has mentioned she is most looking forward to facing Prange at some point, high praise for the newcomer.

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