5 Little known tales about The Undertaker

Sudhir Bose

#2 Jenna Jameson, a cop?

It’s so obvious why ‘Taker would assume she’s a cop

It is beyond doubt that most of our noble and dignified audience aren’t familiar with one Jenna Jameson AKA “The Queen Of Porn”. Well, long before she was bestowed with the title or authored a bestseller, Jameson used to travel in the same circles as the Deadman.

One of their friends used to own a tattoo parlour, where ‘Taker got inked. Believe it or not, this giant of a man was a little wary of Jameson. The reason? He thought she was an undercover cop!!! Now, draw whatever conclusions you may, but ‘Taker was so paranoid about this that he actually asked his friend, the owner if Jameson is a cop!!!

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