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5 Little known tales about The Undertaker

He's had the spotlight on him for about three decades, but how much do we really know about the mythical Undertaker?

Ensorcelle! (PC WWE)

During an episode of the Stone Cold Podcast, The Rattlesnake reminisces that one of the first matches he ever wrestled was against The Undertaker, who then, was about two years ahead of him in the business. 

Twenty-seven years later, give or take a couple, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s boots are long hung-up, he is fat and happy on the Broken Skull Ranch, a well-deserved WWE Hall Of Fame ring on his hand and a legacy that will be remembered by generations of wrestling fans.

But the sepulchral gongs and spectral fumes that seem to herald the awakening of some beast from the black abyss are still spine-tingling. WWE fans mark their calendars in child-like anticipation of the Undertaker’s rare appearances on TV. 

One of those appearances will be at the Royal Rumble, titillating as always because it grants a golden ticket to the main event of WrestleMania. Now, the Phenom is known to be a man of few words, mainly because he knows only one way to say them, and that’s point blank.

This past RAW, ‘Taker, like he was engraving a headstone. stated that he would be one of the thirty competitors in the Royal Rumble and without missing a beat, promised that he would headline WrestleMania.

In his almost thirty-year career, the instances of the Undertaker foretelling an end and it not materialising have been few and far between. Even monsters like Goldberg, Strowman and Lesnar will be looking over their shoulders since the Prince of Darkness made his intentions clear. 

We’re no strangers to what The Undertaker can do in the ring, but outside it, he’s more elusive than he has been in the WWE for the past few years. We’ve all heard, of course, the tales of him almost choking out Kurt Angle and his hilarious phobia of cucumbers.

However, these other incidents from the book of the Deadman will give us glimpses of his persona that not many are familiar with:

#5 Acid Montoya

Not something you want blaring in your face, especially on acid

Older fans might remember Justin Credible – he held multiple Hardcore Championships but more importantly, jobbed to CM Punk in the latter’s WWE debut. He was a part of the great depression of the early ‘90s which was characterised by a deluge of absurd gimmicks.

More specifically, he was the “Portuguese Man O’War”, Aldo Montoya. Despite the cringe-worthy character (whose mask, according to some of his fellow wrestlers, looked like a yellow jockstrap), he was taken under the wing of a couple of WWE’s biggest stars at the time, namely Scott Hall and The Undertaker. 

Montoya/Credible was part of a WWE tour of Europe and India. The Undertaker was also part of the travelling ensemble. Just before boarding the plane, ‘Taker gave the rookie some acid. Now, most people remember their first acid trip through only the accounts of others. But Montoya, cut from a different cloth, remembers exactly what happened.

A few minutes after the plane took off, the acid kicked in and Montoya was strapped in tight for the ride. Blank-eyed, swooning and not able to tell floor from roof Montoya was, proverbially, in limbo. Undertaker, who was in the seat just in front of the novitiate, noticed this and decided to send him further into the stratosphere.

He turned around, contorted his face and hissed like a cat!!! That’s one way to make sure someone remembers their first acid trip. 

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