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5 WWE matches in 2017 that went off script

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It's all Kevin's fault!
Why Kevin, Why?

Some of the greatest moments in pro wrestling have been products of unscripted chaos. The Montreal Screwjob and the infamous CM Punk pipe bomb are just two of many defining moments in the history of the business that happened on the fly.

2017 may not have produced anything of that magnitude but it did, however, give the fans a different perspective of what's going down backstage that influence the final product.

WWE has blurred the lines between kayfabe and reality in the present era coupled with 'backstage info' that seamlessly flows in the public domain.

The leaked details have brought to light unscripted moments that, if not for the revelations, would have been neglected. This piece takes a look at those moments:

#1 AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens (Battleground 2017)


A great match that was marred by a dodgy finish, Styles vs. Owens from Battleground earlier this year had everyone scratching their heads at the abrupt sound of the final bell.

Styles was locked in an Owens crossface when the dazed referee counted till three and adjudged Owens the winner and the new United States Champion. Reports from the Wrestling Observer stated that Styles may have misjudged the ref's third slap on the mat as the second count, leading to the botched finish.

More backstage details on the incident revealed that the finish of the match was changed mid-way through the encounter. The Phenomenal One was the favourite heading into the contest but a last-minute audible was taken to give the Prizefighter a W.

But it was an unwanted booking decision when all was said and done and we're sure WWE learnt from their mistakes.

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