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5 Matches That Deserve To Main Event Summerslam 

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8.22K   //    02 Aug 2018, 09:03 IST

Samoa Joe, AJ Styles,
Should this be the main event of Summerslam?

The SummerSlam pay per view is slowly coming into focus and while not everything is set in stone yet, the matches that the WWE has already announced seem to have that it factor that makes it must watch. In fact, with matches like Miz versus Bryan, Joe versus Styles and Reigns versus Lesnar, it's hard to know what match will main event the show.

Of course, they all have their strong and weak points, which will all be discussed on the following pages, but they all seem main event worthy for different reasons. Not only that, The WWE Universe is putting pressure on the company to do a different main event then the one they actually want to end the show. Cough .. cough. Roman reigns!

With that being said and Summerslam only a short time away, here are five matches that deserve to main event this year's Summerslam pay per view. Unfortunately for those hoping that Reigns versus Lesnar doesn't belong on this list, it is a match that is deserving of the spot and it will be explained why that is.

#5 Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns,
Can Roman Reigns defeat The Beast Incarnate At Summerslam?

The WWE Universe probably isn't going to like this pick, but it is deserving none the less of main event the biggest party of the SummerSlam. Not only is that evident by just how much Roman Reigns has improved in the main event scene in his latest feud with Lesnar, but also by how white-hot the crowd is right now for him to take his rightful place as WWE's top guy.

Its a changing of the guard kind of moment that WWE has been anxious to do for a long time and it finally seems like they will get a chance to do that. Furthermore, between making Lesnar look weak, having him abandon his longtime advocate and Reigns absolutely killing it on the microphone, there seems to be no way WWE can fail now!

It has that big fight feel to it in the same way that Daniel Bryan versus John Cena was a few years ago. Maybe not in the exact same organic way that Bryan was, but it pretty much represents the same thing. It represents a change that WWE has wanted to see for quite a while now and deserved at this point.

WWE has proved that it can write interesting scenarios for Roman Reigns and actually succeed in making him come across as a babyface in the process. If nothing else, the WWE Universe needs to meet WWE half way and allow Reigns his christening as The WWE's top guy. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but fans should give it a chance first!

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