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5 Men who can end Vince McMahon's career

If McMahon had another match, who could end his WWE run for good?

Top 5 / Top 10 24 Nov 2016, 22:26 IST
Which superstar would Vince McMahon give the honour to?

If one were to name the most important man in sports entertainment history, any name that is not Mr McMahon would be the wrong answer. From running the largest wrestling empire to playing the most vicious heel in wrestling history, to creating a legacy that few can follow; Vince McMahon is truly a legendary figure.

A man like McMahon knows that whenever ratings are down, an appearance from him can boost them significantly.

So, while most 70+ men would not dream of stepping into a ring again, McMahon would if it meant good business. However, we do know that Vince McMahon probably has only one more match left in the tank. Who could make him retire and make the whole audience sing- ‘Nananana Nananana Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye?’

We look at five likely candidates to retire Vince McMahon. 

#5 Shane McMahon 

One last father vs son match

There is a lot of symbolism in every wrestling match. While we have seen several Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon matches in the past, it would only be poetic justice for both father and son to lock horns again and have the younger McMahon win.

This would be a symbolic passing of the torch, from one generation to another, and is also a message that every fan in the arena would understand. Shane McMahon may just be the hottest active babyface in the company and an angle could be booked, where Vince McMahon favours his heelish sister- Stephanie.

So a grudge match could be set up on the big stage, with enough smoke and mirrors, to make Vince McMahon look passable in the ring. A safe worker, Shane would also take care of Vince.

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