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5 men who shouldn't win the Royal Rumble match

In a few weeks, we will find out the winner of the Royal Rumble match. In the meantime, we can discuss who shouldn't be the winner.

The Royal Rumble is only a few weeks away and speculation is heating up

The Royal Rumble is coming up in just a few short weeks and people are already making their predictions. Early betting odds are out and they have some surprising predictions as well.

Every year there are multiple people who could win the match but usually, one man that stands out above the rest. We don't really have that this year, at least not yet, but by now it may be too late to get any real indication of who might emerge as the victor.

That means that this year, the Royal Rumble match may be the most exciting in a long time. It’s a toss-up with a number of different ways that it could go, all of which make sense.

These are 5 men who shouldn’t win the match, both because there are better choices and because roles other than being World Title contenders would likely fit them better this year.

#5 The Undertaker

The Dead Man should have different goals in mind

As of now, the betting odds actually have The Undertaker as the frontrunner to win the Rumble match so he could go on to challenge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

It makes sense since many people believe that John Cena may win his 16th World Title at the pay-per-view. The dream match between ‘Taker and Cena has been speculated on for a long time, and this year it almost feels inevitable.

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If this happens, it invalidates The Undertaker's statement that he's not going to let WrestleMania define his career any longer.

The Royal Rumble match is designed as a direct road that leads right into WrestleMania. Winning this match and going to WrestleMania means that the first quarter of his 2017 is going to be defined directly by WrestleMania and the need to get there.

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