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5 men who will definitely not win the Royal Rumble match but should

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2018 royal rumble
The 30-man Royal Rumble match probably won't have a surprise winner

The Royal Rumble match is a very interesting occasion. It’s generally pretty clear on a year-to-year basis who the winner is going to be, but there are always those seeds of doubt that many of us probably believe in for the sake of unpredictability. There are also the fringe possibilities, guys who could conceivably win but more than likely won’t.

Finally, there are the impossibles. Guys who you wouldn’t expect to win in a million years. Whether it’s because they’re a life-long “jobber” like Curt Hawkins or someone with tons of promise and what feels like thousands of failed opportunities like his former tag partner Zack Ryder, it’s not a match to be won because the logic isn’t there, even in an illogical company like WWE.

That doesn’t mean it’s definitely impossible for these men to win, however. Some good booking and creativity can get pretty much anybody ready for the WrestleMania main event in 2 months’ time -- if they really wanted to. Hell, not that it really matters a ton. They decided to give Jinder Mahal the WWE Title and just did it without any build, because why not? Again, the illogical is somehow logical in WWE’s world. Jinder Mahal is proof that the old phrase that WWE used to use, saying that “anything can happen” is indeed true. With that in mind, here are 5 guys who won’t win the Royal Rumble match, but they really should.

#5 Cesaro

Cesaro would be an amazing opponent for Brock Lesnar

This isn’t a very controversial pick, at least when it comes to writing for internet fans. Cesaro is widely respected as a great wrestler who should have had the rocket strapped to him on a number of occasions, but for whatever reason WWE just… didn’t. Whether it was because they didn’t believe he was a good enough talker or someone just didn’t like him and decided that even with humongous reactions he wasn’t “over” with the crowd, he had the rug pulled out from under him on at least 2 occasions when he was really building momentum.

In 2018, he’s a little over a year into his successful pairing with former foe Sheamus. They are a great tag team, one of a few that Cesaro has been involved in during his WWE career. This one is definitely the best team and most successful as well, holding the RAW Tag Titles multiple times and having some great matches, even defeating the returning Hardy Boyz. It looks like there’s a possibility that in the coming weeks WWE may have a reason to dissolve the team -- they’ve been in a never-ending feud with Shield members and Jason Jordan and will likely lose their title rematch at the Rumble PPV event. If that’s what happens, WWE probably won’t have any idea what to do with them and will treat them as a lost cause.

Pair that up with Sheamus’ injuries and possible upcoming retirement, and it could be Cesaro’s time. The crowd would absolutely buy him as a victor in the Rumble match. He’s big, he’s strong and he has gone toe-to-toe with some of the best WWE has to offer. If he wins the match, a potential conflict with Brock Lesnar writes itself. Cesaro is arguably the strongest guy, at least pound-for-pound, in the company, and Brock is one of the biggest and physically dominant men the company has ever seen. We all know both men can be absolute brutes in the ring, both with their strength, quickness, and ability to dish out a ton of violent punishment. People would eat it up.

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