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5 mistakes WWE made on Raw this week (6 August 2018)

  • While WWE made an effort to make Raw better this week, they also made an effort to make it worse.
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 17:07 IST

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An episode that could have been better if WWE avoided these classic errors.

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw was not the usual trainwreck fans are used to seeing over the past few weeks, as the creative team finally got most of the key players on the red brand to succeed in various programmes and segments.

However, most of the mistakes WWE made on Raw this week was with the handling of its midcard superstars, as the underutilized stars of the flagship show didn't get the best booking in the world this week.

From cutting a rising star's momentum short to leaving a wandering tag team still wandering, WWE didn't do much to make fans feel like the midcard portion of the red brand's roster has much importance in the company, as their appalling booking left their already hindered credibility shaky.

#1 Mojo losses his mojo

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A superstar that was on a roll

Mojo Rawley is not the biggest superstar on Raw, but it was nice to see WWE at least give him some character development over the last few weeks, as Mojo started to develop a mean streak that separated him from the rest of the midcard roster.

But this week WWE ignored all the work they put in with Mojo character and had him get beaten clean by Bobby Roode, and while you might say Roode is the bigger star thus he needs the win, if WWE flipped their script it would've benefitted both men.

Roode on a losing streak could've added some much-needed depth to his character and Rawley beating a former NXT Champion would've helped him move higher in the ranks of WWE, but it was clear that WWE doesn't plan ahead with their roster.

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Published 07 Aug 2018, 23:00 IST
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