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We're now two days away from Super Show-Down, and while the event appears like it will mostly be a glorified house show, the world will still be watching. Five matches are essentially in the bag, or are glorified exhibitions without high stakes, including the Triple H vs. Undertaker match. It seems inevitable that the New Day and AJ Styles will retain their championships.

Other matches, however, are on the knife edge, and if WWE wants to shake things up and deliver an exciting final quarter of 2018, avoiding the following mistakes will be desirable. Avoiding these mistakes will also go a long way into dispelling the perception that these mega shows don't matter, because we're certain to get a lot of them in the coming years.

#1 Daniel Bryan defeating The Miz


The winner of this contest will receive a shot at the WWE Championship. Rumor has it that Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz is a feud for the long haul, so it would be a mistake to have Daniel Bryan defeat him this soon.

To really tell a good story in the match, the company should book it in a way where Bryan is struggling with adhering to his moral principles or taking a shortcut to defeat the Miz, just as Miz told him last week he wouldn't be able to do. This can be an opportunity that the Miz capitalizes on to win the match.

With Samoa Joe certain to fail on Saturday, the Miz has emerged as the best person to end AJ Styles' title reign at this juncture. The story writes itself from there. Daniel Bryan should be at the lowest point in his fortunes before ultimately triumphing at WrestleMania and redeeming his comeback from forced retirement by dispatching his great rival.

#2 The Shield defeating their enemies


The problem with the Shield reunion is that it potentially leaves an unstoppable babyface faction looming over Raw. With no conflict, there's no story. Since the reunion after SummerSlam, WWE has done a good job in making the Shield appear vulnerable.

They should continue to do so on Saturday, by handing Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre the victory, even though it's unlikely.

A defeat for the Shield could make them question each other going forward, further help in Dean Ambrose turning on the group, and possibly laying the groundwork for a Shield triple threat at WrestleMania.

#3 Asuka and Naomi losing to the IIconics


Point blank - there's no reason for Asuka and Naomi to lose here. The one feasible reason is nullified by something we'll soon get to. Glorified house show or not, and even though she likely won't be pinned, Asuka needs rebuilding, including victories in big situations.

Although a loss where she isn't pinned won't mean a terrible lot, Asuka is still in a fragile state following her disastrous booking in the spring and summer. The end game for the SmackDown women's division should be Becky vs. Asuka at WrestleMania. As such, Asuka should look as strong as possible here. The IIconics aren't in her league.

#4 Buddy Murphy not winning the Cruiserweight Championship


This should be the most obvious decision of them all.

The IIconics don't need a "hometown victory" on Saturday because someone who is actually from Melbourne will be competing there. Buddy Murphy will take on Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship. He should be the victor. It's one of the most obvious decisions of the year.

Not only would it give the hometown crowd something to cheer, but Buddy Murphy has been an MVP on 205 Live throughout the entire year. Cedric Alexander's reign has been dull and it's more than run its course. Murphy deserves a triumph for all the work he's done on the purple brand.

It's at this time of the year where we inevitably think about WrestleMania, and the Cruiserweight Championship match should be obvious - Buddy Murphy vs. the other MVP of the show, Mustapha Ali.

It was time to crown Murphy a long time ago. There's no better time and place than Saturday in Melbourne.

#5 Charlotte defeating Becky Lynch


It's unlikely to happen, but you can't rule it out.

Saturday is neither the time nor place for Becky Lynch to lose the SmackDown Women's Championship. Her work has been so excellent that it wouldn't be out of place to call this the best SmackDown Women's title reign in at least a year, despite it being less than a month old.

Charlotte shouldn't win the title back any time soon, whether on Saturday or at Evolution later this month.

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