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5 MMA fights we want to see in a WWE ring

  • Could we see the ultimate crossover?
Harry Kettle
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Modified 03 Mar 2020, 20:00 IST

Let's get creative

Many fans already know this by now, but it's pretty obvious to see that there is a real connection between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. We've seen a string of fighters make their way over into the squared circle, and on the flip side, plenty of pro wrestlers have decided to take up a spot inside the Octagon.

While it may seem a little crazy to suggest this, we legitimately believe there is a place in WWE for legitimate mixed martial arts bouts to take place. You'd need to have the right kind of stars involved in the fight, but there's a way to do it successfully - and while WWE may not trust themselves with that kind of responsibility, the art of fantasy booking ensures that you can be as ridiculous as you want.

Today, we want to run through five fights that may seem crazy, but that could actually work under the right set of circumstances.

#5 CM Punk vs Matt Riddle

We know, we know
We know, we know

This is immediately going to be viewed as the most ridiculous selection of them all, and there are certainly grounds to believe in that theory. After all, Matt Riddle was able to achieve an 8-3 pro record in MMA, whereas CM Punk's tally currently rests at 0-2.

However, the two men were both considered to be welterweights once upon a time, and we quite like the contrast between their personalities.

WWE doesn't necessarily have to go down this avenue but if they did, it would almost certainly be an indication that they want to get Riddle over in a big way.

They'd have to convince Punk to actually come back first, and we think this could be an intriguing incentive that he might stop and consider. It's unlikely, but it's somewhat plausible.

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Published 03 Mar 2020, 20:00 IST
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