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5 most beloved WWE Superstars in India

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India loves these WWE Superstars
India loves these WWE Superstars

Ever since Jinder Mahal shocked the world by winning the WWE Championship, ‘India’ has been the centre of attention in the professional wrestling community.

Additionally, with the WWE prepped for its tour of India, here’s taking a look at the enigmatical nation and understanding the WWE’s popularity in the land of the seven rivers. Much like any other business in the world, WWE relies on a handful of top attractions to draw eyeballs toward its product.

A select few WWE icons command the vast majority of the attention of this 1.3 billion-strong nation.

Today, Sportskeeda takes a look at the most beloved WWE Superstars in India—

#5 Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles

Both beloved champions are highly-respected in India
Both beloved champions are highly-respected in India

The Beast Incarnate rose to prominence in the world of sports and entertainment during the commencement of the Ruthless Aggression era and has enjoyed a loyal fan-base in India ever since. In fact, as narrated by several fans in India, Brock Lesnar was so very popular in the country that the vast majority of gamers and pro-wrestling fans in the country would almost always choose him as their playable character in ‘WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain’—a video game which has been wildly popular in Indian gaming parlours right from the early-2000s till the here and now!

Furthermore, Lesnar’s popularity soared higher after he made a triumphant return to the WWE when he was done conquering the MMA world; winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship. In fact, the Mayor of Suplex City is also said to have played a huge role in drawing the Indian pro-wrestling fans to the fringe sport of MMA.

Well, expounding upon the large Indian fan-base, one of the more recent additions to pro-wrestling’s topmost attractions in India is none other than ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles. In fact, Styles’ perfect balance of charisma, mic skills, personality, wrestling skills and high-flying daredevilry seems to have ensured him a loyal legion of young fans in this nation of billions.

In reference to the same, it wouldn’t be folly to say that AJ Styles may indeed have the biggest fan-base among the youth of India—said fan-following only set to increase over the next few years. 

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