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5 most dangerous submission holds for Female wrestlers in WWE right now

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Paige executing the PTO

Submission holds are a key component in the world of wrestling since way back when Ed "Strangler" Lewis was dropping guys with a headlock. These moves are used not only to wear opponents down but also to finish matches emphatically in making an opponent physically "tap out."

While the early years of wrestling were dominated by male wrestlers, in the current time there is an assembly of female wrestlers who have not only proved their involvement in the game, but also have been part of major main event shows. The WWE Women's Championship returned in the year of 2016 when WWE Hall of Famer - Lita unveiled a brand-new Women's Championship belt during the WrestleMania 32 pre-show to signify a change in the status of the division from the earlier period when the female talents were referred to as Divas.

Female MMA fighters and world-traveled grapplers have been prowling the locker rooms, looking for a vulnerable limb to grab onto and rend into oblivion. But which maneuver designed to make an opponent cry uncle is the most effective?

While there have been many holds used over the years, many sharing similar origins, some look absolutely horrific, and this list will countdown the top 5 most painful-looking submission finishers currently used in wrestling by the female WWE superstars:

#5 Becky Lynch's Dis-arm-her

Enter cap

Becky Lynch’s Dis-arm-her is one of those holds where you either tap out or suffer an injury that will put you on the sidelines. Not only does Lynch bend her victim’s arm at an impossible angle, but she sits squarely on their back and shoulder, applying leverage and an increased amount of pressure on the joints. If an opponent doesn’t buckle under the intense force of Lynch’s patented hold, they risk suffering severe and permanent damage to their limbs.

And not only is the Dis-arm-her one of the most dangerous holds in WWE right now, but its name is the best pun going. 

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