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5 most educated WWE Superstars

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Which member of The New Day makes this list?
Which member of The New Day makes this list?

There seems to be a bit of a stereotype when it comes to professional wrestlers that they're all meatheads with more brawns than brains. This is a highly misguided mindset as a number of WWE superstars come from highly educated backgrounds.

A large number of them have at least a college education and chose to pursue a career in sports entertainment due to their love of the business rather than as a last resort with no other options available to them.

Out of this list, there are a select few who have enjoyed a really successful run in academics having obtained some truly special educational qualifications. So, without any further ado, here is our list of the 5 most education WWE superstars:

#5) Dolph Ziggler

While Dolph Ziggler's WWE career may have been a bit of a stop-start affair, there is no doubting that his educational qualifications experienced no such stuttering. The former World Champion has an impressive educational background having graduated from Kent University.

He was a Political Science major with a minor in Pre-Law and even gained admittance to attend Law School at Arizona State University - an opportunity he declined in favour of becoming a professional wrestler.

His career in sports entertainment might have been filled with highs and lows but there is no doubt that he made the right call.

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