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5 most explosive ways Roman Reigns can return to the WWE

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How will WWE book Roman Reigns' return from illness?
How will WWE book Roman Reigns' return from illness?

Kurt Angle did a fantastic job to fill-in for Roman Reigns on short notice, playing an important hand in snatching victory for the makeshift Shield against Miz's monsters.

But for everyone with a half discerning eye, you can't deny that Roman Reigns was a big miss at TLC.

Although the thrill-a-minute main event papered over the cracks and the hastily assembled AJ Styles vs Finn Balor match added sheen to proceedings, one can't help but look forward to Roman Reigns' return, which is believed to be in and around the time of Survivor Series.

But when the Big Dog is good and ready to come back, how will the WWE introduce him back into television?

It isn't merely a case of Reigns' music hitting and him striding out on an episode of Raw. The WWE will be obviously looking to make his return seem as big of a deal as can be in keeping with the current trend.

But how exactly will they go about it?

We believe we've got a few ideas on that front.

On that note, here are the five most explosive ways WWE can bring Roman Reigns back to television after he heals up.

If you've got a good idea that we haven't covered, please jot them down in the comments below and we can talk about it.


#1 Cleans house like Stone Cold

For those of you who remember this clip, it's also likely you remember the roof-raising, ear-splitting, earth-shaking reaction Stone Cold got when he returned to the WWE help fend off Team Alliance's invasion.

And the legendary JR's play-by-play only makes it all the more goosebump-inducing.

Today, however, Michael Cole is certainly no JR and Roman Reigns is nowhere near as popular as Stone Cold was... but with team SmackDown invading Raw and laying to waste everyone in sight, the WWE has yet again created a need for the great equaliser.

And just like Austin was for team WWE on that day, a returning Roman Reigns can be that guy for Team Raw.

It would make him look incredibly strong and get the fans on his side too. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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