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5 most fascinating backstage stories of The Undertaker

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A capture from an episode of WWE 24
A capture from an episode of WWE 24

The Undertaker in undoubtedly one of the greatest professional wrestlers to step inside a wrestling ring and is arguably WWE's most celebrated Superstar today. With a career spanning over three decades, the Deadman has nothing left to achieve in the business, and even today manages to evoke a response like no other Superstar whenever he steps out in front of an audience.

Starting out as a rookie in 1990-91 in WWE, Undertaker remained loyal to Vince McMahon since day one and for this, he was given the responsibility of being the leader of the locker room. Through the years there have been some truly fascinating stories associated with the Undertaker narrated by industry veterans like Bruce Prichard, Triple H, Paul Bearer and others.

As we come close to the inevitable end of a legendary career, let us have a look at five fascinating backstage stories about The Undertaker.

Honourable mention:

For some unfathomable reason, The Undertaker is said to be mortally afraid of cucumbers! Paul Bearer and Owen Hart are known to have pulled a number of pranks on the Deadman because of his irrational fear.

#5 Judge of Wrestlers' Court

The undisputed leader backstage
The undisputed leader backstage

The legend of the Wrestlers' Court is one of the more interesting locker room stories in the pro wrestling business. With a locker room full of men, all fighting for the top position in a competitive company, issues are bound to come up pretty often.

Well, whenever any issue got out of hand, the boys backstage settled the matter in what has come to be known as Wrestlers' Court, with none other The Undertaker acting as the judge, since he was the undisputed leader of the locker room as long as he was around. Triple H is said to have filled in during 'Taker's absence sometimes, with JBL usually acting as the prosecution.

After hearing both parties, the punishment was meted out - the guilty party usually had to pick up the food and drinks tab of the whole locker room. Only issues that couldn't be resolved here would reach Vince McMahon.

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