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5 Most handsome WWE Superstars

Just hear us out, alright?

Top 5 / Top 10 11 Mar 2017, 01:29 IST
Randy has always been popular among the WWE Universe

Professional wrestlers tend to be larger than life characters and it's been that way for many years now. As such, it can't come as much of a surprise to people that a lot of the fellas involved in this wonderful form of sports entertainment are quite good looking. That's not us trying to objectify them - it's just the truth.

Given how seriously some people take the world of pro-wrestling it's important to sit back and look at the lighter side of the industry every now and again. So yeah, we've decided to take a glance at the most handsome Superstars on the roster because isn't that just a great way to spend a Friday afternoon? In our minds, the answer is yes - yes it is.

There are many candidates when it comes to this list, so narrowing it down to five was difficult because, for so many years now, a Superstar's look has been such a vital part of Vince McMahon's format.

Top level guys always had a certain aura or appearance that helped them to stand out above the rest, which is why it's no surprise to us that two of these guys are already former World Champions. Skill is important - and so is being physically unique.

With that in mind, here are the five most handsome WWE Superstars.

#5 The Miz

He is, indeed, awesome

No matter what anyone says or thinks, The Miz is one of the best heels in recent memory. Fact. His excellence has been allowed to shine through ever since the brand split and because of that, the WWE have taken notice. He’s progressively getting more and more opportunities following his reign as Intercontinental Champion, and it wouldn’t be all too surprising to see him once again lift the WWE Championship by the end of 2017.

Plus, come on – the guy has some serious style. He’s one of the most well dressed members of the roster and alongside his beautiful wife Maryse, he looks like a million bucks. Miz’s stock continues to rise and as such so does his appearance within the eyes of the WWE Universe, which can never be a bad thing.

He hears voices..

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