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5 most pointless Championships in the WWE

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Blue is the word

The WWE brand split would not have been relevant without separate Championships on each show. WWE did the right thing by introducing a primary title, a secondary title, a women's’ title and tag team titles on both Raw and SmackDown after the recent roster-split.

While the United States and Intercontinental titles were already active in the company during the time, the rich lineage that both those titles enjoy doesn’t translate to several other Championships on either brand.

The name of Raw’s primary title – the WWE Universal Championship – immediately became the butt of jokes upon its introduction. But even more than the name, it was a lack of ingenuity in the design of the belt that made serious followers of wrestling angry.

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Basically being a different coloured version of the relatively recently introduced WWE World Heavyweight title, the belt seemed to be devoid of any attempt at creating an actual separation between the two world titles.

Throw in the SmackDown Women’s and Tag team titles – which seem like the original Raw titles dipped in blue paint – and you get the picture. When WWE was running around with the World and WWE tag team titles, at least each had individuality.

But besides what we have now, have there been any other Championships in the long history of the WWE that were utterly pointless? Read on.

#1 WWF Canadian Championship

Dino Bravo is the only man to hold the WWF Canadian Championship

The European Championship wasn’t the first title introduced by the WWE to cater to the fans outside the United States – there was the short-lived WWF Canadian Championship to entice the fans north of the border.


Upon taking over the Montreal-based International Wrestling promotion, WWE re-introduced that promotion’s chief draw Dino Bravo to the WWF roster in 1985. A former WWF tag team champion, Bravo was billed as the inaugural WWF Canadian Champion at WWE shows. He would defend the title in Canadian cities during Raw,

The title lasted for just about five months – When Bravo left the promotion, WWF abandoned the title without any fanfare.

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