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5 most underutilised WWE female wrestlers 

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Emma and Dana Brooke haven't had a break on RAW
Emma and Dana Brooke haven't had a break on RAW

It is no secret that the quality of wrestling in the WWE Women's division has certainly gone up a few notches in the last couple of years. The likes of Charlotte and Becky Lynch have elevated the expectations from each match the women take part in.

Even those women who were in the WWE before the focus shifted to wrestling from glamour have upped their game -- case in point being the Bella Twins.

However, there are still many women wrestlers in the WWE like Emma who haven't got the push that they deserve. This list takes a look at the top five most underutilised women in WWE history.

#1 Jillian Hall

<p>Jillian had a blink and miss run as the Divas Champion</p><p>J
Jillian had a blink and miss run as the Divas Champion

Jillian Hall was never considered to be a serious wrestler during her seven-year stint with the WWE. She was mostly known for her role as a 'fixer' for MNM and later, JBL.

Fans would remember her more for a number of awful gimmicks -- like having a growth on her face and her torturous singing gimmick. She did win the Divas title once with an upset victory over Mickie James but lost the title to Melina almost immediately.

Why Jillian remains a missed opportunity for WWE is due to the fact that as Macaela Mercedes, she had more than five years of experience wrestling on the independent circuit before she joined the WWE. Macaela had competed and won titles in multiple promotions like GLORY, CIW, BWCW, HPW, MCW and much more.

Hall has won 10 titles outside the WWE and regularly competed in intergender matches. In fact, her finishing move in the indies was the 450 splash which no WWE Diva had used at the time.

However, Hall was never projected as a serious contender in the WWE Women's division and her talents were not fully utilised.

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