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5 most unlikely WWE champions in history

Shocking WWE Superstars who managed to become World Champion

Top 5 / Top 10 14 Feb 2018, 23:12 IST

The WWF World Championship
The WWF World Championship

WWE has always had a strong, dominant lineage of WWF/E champions from the great Bruno Sammartino through to Brock Lesner. Champions have had long successful reigns and some have had reigns that finish in seconds, but usually, the champion chosen is one of the faces of the WWE.

There have been some notable exceptions to this rule however, with some WWE fans scratching their head as to why this champion was chosen.

#5 Rey Mysterio

The Ultimate Underdog as first time WWE Heavyweight Champion
The Ultimate Underdog as first time WWE Heavyweight Champion

Rey Mysterio Jr was a mainstay of WCW and then WWE from 1996 to 2015, and accomplished pretty much all there was to accomplish in his time with the company.

To become WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, however, was quite a leap for a perennial cruiserweight in the land of the giants, and so when Mysterio beat Randy Orton for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, many fans were left wondering how such a small guy could be believable as champion.

Many fans assumed it was due to Mysterio's best friend Eddie Guerrero passing away that left the spot open for him. Whilst this may have some truth, he became champion again on two separate occasions to prove it was no fluke the first time around.

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