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5 must-watch Dean Ambrose matches before WWE

Soumik Datta
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Dean Ambrose as the WWE Champion
Dean Ambrose as the WWE Champion

Just at the age of 32, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has already achieved several major accomplishments in his 14-year career in the Professional Wrestling industry. Ambrose, who initially signed with the WWE in 2011, is already a Grand Slam Champion with the company having won the WWE Championship, the WWE Intercontinental Championship, and several other major accomplishments as well.

However, before signing with the WWE almost seven years ago, Ambrose was considered as one of the most violent, brutal, and ruthless Pro Wrestlers on the Independent circuit, where the 32-year-old Cincinnati native was billed as Jon Moxley and most notably is recognized for his work for Combat Zone Wrestling.

Therefore, that being said let us now take an in-depth look at Dean Ambrose’s best 5 matches from the Indie circuit, prior to signing with the WWE:

#5 Jon Moxley vs Robert Anthony - CZW: It's Always Bloody In Philadelphia, 2010

Moxley powerbombs Robert Anthony during their showdown
Moxley powerbombs Robert Anthony during their showdown

If you truly consider yourself to be a hardcore fan of Dean Ambrose, then I suggest that this is the exact match where you should initially start with all of Ambrose’s work on the Independent circuit.

Moxley’s showdown against Robert Anthony was a solid championship match which had plenty of amazing spots to cheer for and one of the standout moments of this match was Anthony breaking the pane of glass with a steel chair in order to attract the adequate amount of heel heat towards himself.

However, all things said and done, Anthony's actions eventually came back to haunt him when Moxley brutally powerbombed his opponent through that same shattered glass and all the build-up to this spot, in particular, was equally brilliant as well.

At one point of the match, Moxley even connected with a wicked Stunner on Anthony and despite the questionable finish to the match, this match truly remains as one of Moxley’s best CZW Heavyweight Title defenses.

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