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5 Not so popular WWE Opinions

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not the same for everyone

A lot is discussed about what is right and what is wrong about WWE and NXT. And no matter how hard WWE try, they are always under the scrutiny of the WWE Universe for quite some time now. Things seem to be going okay after a pay-per-view and it all comes tumbling back to where it was in a matter of weeks.

WWE in this was is seriously lacking in something which nobody has figured out, but are possibly putting out there every suggestion in their head to step-up their favourite show.

I am listing out five not so popular opinions about the WWE that are out there but never discussed. These opinions vary from person to person unlike any view that one might have over anything. If you disagree, feel free to sound off in the comments seton below.

#5 NXT Takeover and the hype around it

NXT: TakeOver

Truth be told, I can watch NXT TakeOver without any prior knowledge about who is fighting whom and for what possible reason. The promos are well cut and even someone who is just into Pay-Per-Views will understand the storyline leading to the feud. NXT:Takeover has been amazing so far, and even though the ever-changing roster of NXT, it has not failed to deliver great performances.

NXT, on the other hand, is really low. Barely anything happens on the show and the episode itself is sometimes boring. The episodes are full of promos with one or other wrestler jumping in the ring, announcing that he is going to be that next face of WWE. Some segments are nice, but if I was to compare NXT's weekly episode with SmackDown and RAW, the latter win by a very large margin.

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