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NXT: 5 points to note (September 20, 2017)

Riju Dasgupta
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This week of NXT was an improvement over last week!
This week of NXT was an improvement over last week's show!

If you consider the underwhelming episode of RAW and the lacklustre edition of SmackDown Live that we were treated to this week, NXT was the best offering from the WWE camp over the past three evenings.

This wasn't really a noteworthy show, but all said and done, it set the stage for the weeks to follow on the WWE Network. Bear in mind, this is an NXT without Roode, without Asuka and with a menacing trio ruling the roost.

Over the duration of one hour, NXT treated us to some hard-hitting, nail-biting and power-packed action. Here are five points to note from the show.

#5 Lars Sullivan gets the Braun Strowman push

Sullivan showed us that he's not a one trick pony!
Sullivan showed us that he's not a one trick pony!

He may have the very same name as the drummer of Metallica, but he certainly does not march to the beat of anyone's drums. Lars Sullivan did not just beat No Way Jose this week but left him broken and devastated in the middle of the ring.

Remember the push that Braun Strowman got when he was separated from the Wyatt family? He was booked in matches with enhancement talent, often many in number, before he faced his first real opponent on RAW in Sin Cara.

After vanquishing multiple opponents not very long ago, Sullivan went up against No Way Jose, a big man who seemed diminutive in size when compared to Lars Sullivan. Sullivan showed off an impressing array of moves, even going to the top rope during the match.

It is certain that NXT has big plans for the man described as the next Brock Lesnar. Who's next on his radar then? Whoever it is had better watch out!

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