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NXT - 5 Points to Note (11 July, 2018)

Riju Dasgupta
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This was an eventful week for the performers in NXT
This was an eventful week for the performers in NXT

NXT was an eventful affair this week. While RAW and SmackDown Live had lackluster shows ahead of a pay-per-view, this week's NXT almost felt like a mini TakeOver. It was certainly a newsworthy affair with many developments. I was thrilled at how it all went down.

I will try and segregate the action from this week into 5 distinct, separate components. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the show. Did you think it was better than RAW and SmackDown Live?

Do you guys feel that Triple H understands how to turn the WWE product around? Is the product in safe hands after Vince McMahon retires from the wrestling business.

While that may be a question that is answered after a while, here are some highlights from this week's show.

#5 A challenge for the champion

Kairi Sane made a bold statement with a big win
Kairi Sane made a bold statement with a big win

At first glance, the diminutive Kairi Sane does not seem like a performer with the vast offensive array she is known for. When the bell rings, she's like a torpedo, taking her opponents down with precision and power at once. This week, Sane took on Vanessa Borne in an exciting contest.

The announcers touched upon the fact that Borne hadn't won all that many matches since she came to NXT. They also spoke about how she was putting in the hours and how her stock was rising with every passing week. That said, Sane did not take too long to defeat the significantly larger Borne with a brand new finisher she proudly calls 'The Anchor'.

And then, following her victory, Kairi Sane got down to business. She issued a challenge to Shayna Baszler, leading to William Regal announcing a massive match.

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