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NXT- 5 Points To Note (7 Nov, 2018)

Riju Dasgupta
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The Velveteen Dream stood triumphant when NXT concluded this week
The Velveteen Dream stood triumphant when NXT concluded this week

It is no secret that the main roster has not been serving the best episodes to fans on a near weekly basis. NXT continues to dish out the best in-ring performances and storylines. The brand just feels fresh and the plots well like they're well thought through. We saw yet another interesting episode ahead of NXT TakeOver: WarGames II.

Did you happen to catch this week's episode, ladies and gentlemen? If you did, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it. Did you enjoy it as much as I did, or are you unimpressed by NXT in recent months, NXT Universe?

Let me list out 5 points that I found particularly interesting this week. All of them should play out brilliantly, as we head into the next edition of NXT TakeOver.

Here they are for your reading pleasure, ladies and gentlemen!

#5 Johnny Gargano explains why he went heel

Gargano seemed cool and methodical during his promo
Gargano seemed cool and methodical during his promo

Remember when Johnny Gargano was the ultimate babyface, when the whole NXT Universe used to root for him against Ciampa? That character is long gone, to be replaced by a cold, calculating and devious heel, that will do anything to get rid of his arch nemesis, who's still Ciampa. Johnny Gargano claimed that his attack on Black was 'nothing personal'.

According to Gargano, Black just got in the way of his aspirations and was collateral damage. He maintained that he was the same man that he had always been. He even took us on a guided tour of the spots that he was at, the night he attacked Aleister Black.

I can't wait to see how Black responds to Gargano, leading up to their match. Gargano still feels that he's the good guy and that's a scary thought.

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