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5 NXT superstars who should move to the main roster, and 5 we hope stay

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The Velveteen Dream
The Velveteen Dream

NXT is one of the most talked about brands in all of sports entertainment. While big events like Wrestlemania and Wrestle Kingdom can draw people's attention temporarily, it seems that it inexorably returns to NXT. There are good reasons for this.

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For one, NXT is just excellent programming. The matches are on a par with the best Ring of Honor has to offer –and that's saying something – but they also know how to tell an intricate and detailed story. Look no further than their current 'who attacked Black?' angle and all of the different labyrinthian twists it has taken.

Another good reason NXT seems to hold people's attention is that it's where the future stars of Wrestlemania and SummerSlam reside. NXT has groomed some of the top talents in the WWE's main roster, like Charlotte Flair.

So the question is always on everyone's lips; Who's going to be the next getting 'called up' as the nomenclature goes? Who deserves to be? Who will do well on the main roster and who might not?

Here are five NXT stars we hope to see on WWE's main roster, and five we would rather stay put for now.

Should get called up: Adam Cole

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He's been compared to Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, and Ric Flair. His technical wizardry is only matched by his ruthless determination. His name is Adam Cole, bay-bay, and he's the future of WWE–just ask him, he'll tell you!

Adam Cole is ready for the main roster. He can cut a promo as good as anyone, and he is crisp and confident in the ring. He's already had several MOTY contenders, including a barn burner versus Ricochet. While he's having great matches in NXT, he's a big enough star that he should stand out on the main roster.

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