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5 of the best auras in WWE history

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Bray Wyatt and his fireflies light up the arena

We all know that wrestling tries to portray itself as a legitimate sport where matches are decided purely on athletic skill, but in reality, pro wrestling is a form of sports entertainment with pre-determined outcomes and carefully designed characters.

There are multiple examples over the years of wrestlers who use abilities and their auras that can’t be explained and can only be described as a use of mystical energy. Over the course of history, so many wrestlers have shown powers beyond the scope of human imagination.

Some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history have had massive auras about them and now we take a look at 5 such Superstars with the best auras in WWE history

#5 Gangrel

Gangrel ascending from the flames

Gangrel was a WWE superstar with a rather interesting gimmick for the company. It was made quite explicit that Gangrel was a vampire. His name was taken from the popular Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game. 

He rose from the depths of the arena in a ring of fire, he drank “blood” from a jeweled chalice, and he had fangs. When Gangrels entrance music hit fans would get excited. His entrance was one of the greatest of all time, with brilliant music accompanied by an entertaining rise from the arena to be met with fire.

There was a period of time where his character could even shut off the lights and cover his opponents in blood. All of this combined added to the aura Gangrel had within the company.

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Published 25 Jun 2016, 20:25 IST
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