5 of the most embarrassing WWE moments 

  • WWE has forced their stars to do some embarrassing things over the years
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Some wrestlers have had more embarrassing moments than others
Some wrestlers have had more embarrassing moments than others

Wrestlers are forced to be part of some interesting moments when they are portraying their characters on WWE TV. Some of these characters are often forced to do some embarrassing things in the name of entertainment but they have incredibly been able to pull them off.

Wrestling can't be serious all the time, which is why there are so many wrestlers who have only been signed for their comedy value. Interestingly, these promos and segments are not the only embarrassing moments in WWE over the past few years, there are also some that should never have happened.

Some of the most embarrassing moments in history are actually botches that were presented live for the WWE Universe since all of WWE's shows are streamed live, so there is nowhere to hide for many of their stars who are serial botchers.

#5 Sycho Sid only has half a brain

Sycho Sid really messed up this promo
Sycho Sid really messed up this promo

Back in 1995, WWE TV wasn't freely available on every streaming device like it is today, but promo's and backstage segments were still streamed live, which caused a number of issues. Sycho Sid's hilarious promo mishap is one of the most memorable promos of all time since he attempted to address the fact that Scott Hall had made him look like a Jackass, but when he tried to state that Scott Hall was half the man that he was and that he only had half the brain, but instead he said "I only have half the brain that you do."

Scott Hall was in the ring and tried his best not to laugh at the fact that Sid had messed up his promo but obviously, this didn't go well and it has since become one of the best-known promo botches of all time.

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Published 25 Nov 2018, 22:28 IST
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