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5 of The Shield's most memorable WWE moments

The most dominant tag team in WWE history
The most dominant tag team in WWE history
Modified 24 Oct 2018
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When the trio of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came together, they ran roughshod on everyone on the roster, whether it was John Cena, The Rock, or Daniel Bryan. The Shield destroyed everyone in their path, and dominated WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Shield was the most dominant tag team, and the entire raw roster bowed down to The Hounds Of Justice. Their strength, speed, tenacity, and a united front made them one of the most dominant factions in the company's history.

Here are 5 of The Shield's most memorable moments on Monday Night Raw.

#5 Shield debut on Raw

The Shield Triple Powerbombed Ryback
The Shield Triple Powerbombed Ryback

Just as it appeared Ryback would defeat CM Punk for the WWE title, three unexpected superstars arrived. The following evening as Punk stood in the ring discussing his reign as champion, Ryback came down to confront him.

It was at this point that all three Shield members jumped the railing and attacked him. Ryback attempted to fight back, and Punk stood by while The Shield took his rival apart piece by piece.

The WWE Universe still did not know their names, but they made their mark and ensured that they would be remembered. Fans became aware of their names as the announce crew informed them of who they were, and where they were coming from. However the WWE Universe still knew little about them as NXT wasn't as popular as it is today.


#4 Encounter with The Wyatt Family

The Shield
The Shield's encounter with The Wyatt Family

There was an epic confrontation between The Shield and The Wyatt Family. They didn't exchange punches, but the seeds were being planted for a match between the two teams.

It began with a promo by Bray Wyatt accompanied by The Wyatt Family as they approached the ring while The Shield was in there. This was followed by the two teams waiting to see who would make the first move. The Wyatt Family stood outside the ring on one side, while The Shield stood on the other.

Roman reigns climbed up on the apron followed by Bray Wyatt, and then Rollins and Ambrose climbed onto the ring followed by Harper and Rowan. As Roman stepped forward followed by Ambrose and Rollins, the reaction from the crowd in attendance was deafening. This was another instance of The Shield showing their dominance on Monday Night Raw.

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Published 24 Oct 2018, 23:20 IST
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