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5 of The Undertaker's best Hell in a Cell matches

Ian Marshall
Top 5 / Top 10

#4 The Undertaker vs Mankind – King of the Ring 1998

'Good God almighty, they've killed him'
'Good God almighty, they've killed him

I know some people will be annoyed that I have only put this in the number 4 spot but it has one major thing working against it: there isn't really a match to speak of. It is a series of big spots interwoven with some well-done stalling.

The match starts on top of the cell, and within 90 seconds, Mankind has been thrown off it. That bump is still the most memorable in wrestling history, even after nearly 20 years. It is made all the more legendary by the commentary of Jim Ross and his line: "As God is my witness, he is broken in half!".

If the match would have ended there it would still have been an incredibly memorable one but that was just the beginning. Mankind managed to climb back onto the cell and he was immediately caught by the Undertaker, who hit a chokeslam. The roof of the cell collapsed and Mankind crashed to the mat.

Unlike the first bump, this one was not intentional. The original plan was for the cell roof to sag but absorb the impact of the move. As Mankind went through the cell, a chair fell down with him, hitting him in the face as he landed. This knocked out some of Mankind's teeth and dislocated his jaw, the Undertaker later said that he thought Mankind was dead.

Somehow that still wasn't the end. Mankind fought back and introduced a bag of thumbtacks to the match. As could be expected, this backfired for him and he ended up being the one on the receiving end, taking a backdrop and a chokeslam into them. Undertaker finished him off with a Tombstone.

Both men were given a standing ovation and it was this match that put Mankind into the upper echelon of the WWE. While this isn't much of a match, as a spectacle it is in a league of its own.

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