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5 other WCW concepts WWE should bring back

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#5 The Chamber of Horrors

Halloween Havok
Halloween Havok

For our readers who were born after this match took place (1991) and upon hearing its description, you would be forgiven for thinking I was making this up. I wish I was. But, it did happen. In fact, it was the opening match of Halloween Havoc that year.

So, here’s how it worked. That year, Sting’s team (consisting of The Steiner Brothers and El Gigante) took on Cactus Jack’s team (featuring Abdullah the Butcher, Big Van Vader, and The Diamond Studd - aka Scott Hall). Both teams fought inside a steel cage that was fairly similar to the current Hell In A Cell cage - namely, it expanded past the ring. After a bunch of other stupid Halloween stuff happened, an electric chair would be lowered to the middle of the ring.

No. Seriously. The first team to get an opponent onto the electric chair and throw the switch won. And, before you ask, yes - this was when Jim Herd was in charge.

Jokes aside, if you were a little kid and a WCW fan in 1991, this sounded like a fun match idea. I can see WWE taking this match idea and going tongue-in-cheek with it, maybe incorporating some mid-card feuds into it, Imagine, say, Dolph Ziggler being thrown into the chair, the switch thrown and… nothing happens and Ziggler just sits there all confused.

War Games
War Games

Just when you thought there were no more “unthinkable” moments that could happen in WWE, they find a couple of them and make you feel silly.

Twice in one month, WWE has taken two concepts originally created in the old NWA/WCW (which they totally own the rights to, by the way) and are using them now. The first is a little innocuous - taking the name of WCW’s answer to WrestleMania, Starrcade, and slapping the name on a live event in South Carolina in November. Of course, since that’s a non-televised event, the increases the possibility of all sorts of craziness bound to happen.

I mean, it’s highly unlikely to happen, but not impossible.

Secondly, it was announced that for the next NXT Takeover event - and for the very first time since WWE bought all of WCW’s intellectual properties - we’re going to once again see a War Games match.

The night before Survivor Series - Saturday, November 18th - sees NXT Takeover: War Games. The War Games bout itself will see NXT Tag Team Champions SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dane) face both The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly) and The Authors of Pain (Grrr and Arrrgh) & Roderick Strong.

Trust us - the WarGames is as convoluted as it is awesome.

Since WWE is apparently on such a WCW kick, we thought we’d take a look at some of their other ingenious ideas that WCW created.

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